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Thanks for your interest in the The Cuckoo Clock Designer Affiliate Program!

Do you have a following of fans who have a passion for the subjects of my clocks? You can share my clocks with them, make them smile, and make yourself some cash by becoming a The Cuckoo Clock Designer Affiliate!

Here’s the skinny:

  • It takes mere minutes to get setup.
  • You will earn $79 for each clock sold!
  • The software tracks visitors for 365 days, so if someone comes to my site from yours today but doesn’t purchase until 364 days from now, you still get your cut!

As I write this I just sent several affiliates a couple hundred dollars each!

Sign Up

First things first. Go to the Affiliate Program Page and click “Sign Up”.

Affiliate New Affiliate Welcome Page


You’ll be taken to the Signup page.
Affiliate Signup Page


Only minimal information is required. This is a profile page for an account which my kitty Penny set up as a test. Please include:

Your name

Business name

Email address

And phone number

Paypal email address — so I can send you $$$ (I guess Penny figures she’s getting paid in catnip and scratchies as she left it blank. Must have been a bird at the window that distracted her.)

Affiliate Signup Page


Set Up the Ads or Creatives

I’ll receive an email and approve you and you will then receive an email that you are approved. Click and login.

Affiliate Marketing how to

Log in and you’ll find yourself at this screen.

It gets right down to business giving you the whole picture of your sales. Love that!

Affiliate Welcome Page

Click on “Ads” in the blue bar above the graph and you will be taken to the screen where you will find pre-made ads for your web site, newsletter, or blog.

Both of these include the most important thing: A clickable image that takes your customer to my site to order. The magic is that the affiliate software has put in fairy dust that tells my site the customer came from you, so I can pay you for the referral.

Choose an Ad…

In “banners/links” choose which ad you wish to place in your web site, blog, or newsletter. The above photo shows you the options you’ll be offered.  All you have to do is copy the html code for the ad you want to use and paste it into the html for your web site or newsletter. Simple!

The ad you see is what will appear on your site. When a visitor clicks it, s/he will be taken to that clock When she purchases a clock within 365 days of arriving from your site, you will earn your commission.  Neat, isn’t it?

…Or Create A Link So You Can Link Anything…

Affiliate Link Generation

Paste the URL of one of the clock product pages into the lower box and click “Generate Referral URL” and your magic code will be added to the end of the product page link. Here’s Penny’s:

With the XXXX being the ID you set when you set up for account.

Now you can link anything, such as an image of the clock that you nabbed off my site, to that product page and the software on my site will know it’s you who sent the customer. That means you can do your own write up, or post and link via Facebook. (Please do!)

Reporting at Your Fingertips

You can check on your account at any time. This is your (well, Penny’s) sales screen:

affiliate reporting

She’s rich! (I did two real 20 cent transactions to make sure it worked.)

And here are her Referrals, the click throughs from her site to

cuckoo clock designer affiliate

You didn’t know kitties love cuckoo clocks did you?

Some click throughs turn into sales, which then show up on your sales screen. Those that don’t turn into a sale are saved so you will be credited when they do buy.

That’s It! You’re Ready to Start Earning Commissions

It’s a small investment of time for an extra source of revenue.

If you’d like to check that the ads and buttons on your site or newsletter are working before you publish them click on one, then login to your affiliate account. You’ll arrive at this page. See where it says “Total Clicks”? If you have just set it up and haven’t published it yet, there should be a zero. If you clicked through there should be a 1. You can also click on “referrals” to see where your clicks throughs came from.

Affiliate marketing setup

Haven’t Signed Up to be an Affiliate Yet?

Sign Up!

Let’s spread some smiles!


Questions? Feedback? I truly want to make this easy.  Help me make this easy and effective for you.

Send me an email

Or call (678) 570-7232 (Eastern but I work late)

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