The History of the Cuckoo Clock 2



History? Mystery!

As is the case for many wonderful things in this world., we aren’t quite sure what the true origin story is for the cuckoo clock. There are some fabulous fables, some more probable than others.



Here’s a link to an excellent history lesson. Take your pick of what to believe, or make your own up!

You’ll also learn about the different types of cuckoo clocks and how they work. So click on over and get a little cuckoo education!

The Story of the Cuckoo Clock on Just Cuckoos

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2 thoughts on “The History of the Cuckoo Clock

  • Faylinn

    I was really hoping to learn more about the history behind the cuckoo clock when I clicked on the link to this site. However, the link that you provided was interesting, because the inventors of the clock in both of the first two stories were priests. Yet, if I were to make my own story up about the history, I would probably say that back in the day and in a certain village that moving wooden cuckoo birds were used to warn locals of intruders or something like that.

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi John,

      It’s always fun if there’s a colorful origination story. Alas, this isn’t so for cuckoo clocks.
      My other passion is rubber duckies. I wrote a pop culture book about them (sold 230,000 copies!) and in doing so dug for any clues as to the tale of their birth. Nothing. I’ve wanted to make it up and write it myself since, but simply haven’t gotten to it.
      So run with the ball and do it for cuckoo clocks!