I’m Cuckoo For… Chainsaw Mama

Chainsaw Mama

While looking for a carver for the birds for my Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock I came across an image of a carved owl that, while it didn’t fit with what I was after, was too irresistable not to click on and check out.

Chainsaw Mama

Oh my goodness! Not only did I find carved birds, but galleries of other wildlife as well.

Chainsaw Mama

Click on over and see the art Faye Braaten creates with the most unlikely tool, a chain saw!Chainsaw Mama

P.S. The result of my search for the Birds for my clocks. I’m tickled to death!

The Birds for my cuckoo clock

My first glimpse of the birds Bob Goad carved for my Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock. Wow!

Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock

The Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock. Click to watch it in action!

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