Black Forest Clock Peddler

A Visit to the Fantastic German Clock Museum in Furtwangen

With over 8,000 objects from around the world the German Clock Museum is a fascinating journey into the history of time. Housed in Furtwangen, the museum’s emphasis is focused on the important contributions to time keeping made in the Black Forest area.  Appropriately the Cuckoo Clock Carrier greats the visitor to […]

The Cuckoo Clock Designer in the News

The Cuckoo Clock Designer in the News on the Mission of Spreading Smiles   The Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock was featured in the September 2016 issue of Birds & Blooms Magazine. The contest garnered more entries than any other they had run before. Such great news as this was the clock’s […]

Barn Animals

On the Drawing Board: The American Barn Cuckoo Clock 9

  The Quintessential American Barn Cuckoo Clock That’s my goal: to create a clock that says American farm through-and-through. It’s been interesting to reflect on such a notion. Being from New England I had in mind my own vision of an American Barn. Red, that gambrel shape — oh wait! Suddenly […]

On the Drawing Board: The Bird Lovers Cuckoo Clock

    I’m cuckoo for… birds!   So naturally, my second cuckoo clock design is a clock for bird lovers. A departure from the traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock, the Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock is simpler. The clock box itself is intended to look like a bird feeder or house, setting […]

The Great Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock Giveaway 2

  Yes, you can win an authentic, German, animated Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock! Designed by American Jodie Davis, the clock is made by Schneider Cuckoo Clock Company in Schonach, Germany. The birds are hand carved by Lance Long and family in South Carolina. Birds & Blooms Magazine is featuring the clock […]