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Two big events are taking place in my life this month:

  1. There are finally enough Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clocks to start offering them for sale and
  2. Project Feederwatch launches its 30th year!

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Project Feederwatch

On the surface Project Feederwatch is a fun way to count and chronicle the birds visiting one’s feeders. Thanks to the sheer volume of data we “citizen scientists” contribute, the Project becomes a powerhouse of learning about and understanding birds that no number of scientists could possibly create on their own.


Learn How Project Feederwatch Works: Put up a Feeder, Count Birds, Share Datadonate to project feederwatch

The scientific magic happens in what the good folks at Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the parent of Project Feederwatch, do with the data we collect and share. The records we submit from watching the birds at our feeders reveal fascinating facts about bird distribution, from real changes in ranges to seasonal irruptions. I’ve already heard that the brown headed nuthatch is to expected in greater numbers in my yard this winter. Yeah! Or  more correctly, “yank, yank!”

Check Out the Interactive Trends Graphs Page — Amazing!

Purchase A Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock, Donate to project Feederwatch

Birds Cuckoo Clock

In one-plus-one-equals-two fashion, it occurred to me that the Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock is a perfect opportunity for me to contribute to Project Feederwatch, a case I felt so strongly about for many years. So for each clock sold I will donate to Project Feederwatch.

This Project Feederwatch year starts Saturday, November 12th. I have my tally sheets all ready for yet another year of having a great excuse to watch birds. I am a (citizen) scientist after all!

Join me in the fun!

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