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Earn a 20% commission —that’s $79 — when a customer clicks from a link on your site to The Cuckoo Clock Designer and purchases a clock.

All it takes is five minutes to sign up and a few minutes to add a link to your site!

Join the The Cuckoo Clock Designer Affiliate Program

Looking for an innovative way to earn some extra revenue with virtually no work on your part? Become a member of the The Cuckoo Clock Designer Affiliate Program and introduce your site’s visitors to the Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock. Start earning $$$ today!

How It Works

  • You sign up.
  • You will receive an email that you are approved. Click and login.
  • Grab some code. Paste it on your site.
  • Your visitor clicks the link and is taken to The Cuckoo Clock Designer.
  • The affiliate software tracks the customer for a year and you get your commission whether she buys a clock today or  364 days from now.

It’s that easy!
affiliate program


  • The clock retails for $395. I am offering a 20% affiliate fee: You make $79 per clock.
  • No cost to sign up.
  • Takes only five minutes to sign up, and very little time to add links to your site. Everything is prepared for you. Just drop in code!
  • When I ship the clock to your customer, the same day the order is placed or the next, I will send you a check as well.
  • Start earning money today!

    Click here to join today!


That’s All You Do, We Do the Rest!

When you join the The Cuckoo Clock Designer Affiliate Program, you can earn money simply by placing links to my cuckoo clock (plural soon!) on your web site. Every time a customer comes to me from your site and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission from that sale. Nifty sottware automatically  manages tracking, reporting, and commission payments. You can choose from a variety of ads and post copy for your site. I handle all aspects of order fulfillment, customer service and technical support. It’s free and super easy to use. All you have to do is set up the links on your site, and I take care of the rest.

How Does One Join the The Cuckoo Clock Designer Affiliate Program?

Simply fill out a very short form, which will take you less than five minutes.

Click here to join today!

Then, to get setup, follow these instructions How to Become a The Cuckoo Clock Designer Affiliate.

Who Is The Cuckoo Clock Designer?

Jodie Davis


You may know me from, the 35 books I’ve written, as co-host of Quilt Out Loud! with Mark Lipinski, and my current show in its seventh season, Quilt It! The Longarm Quiliting Show sponsored by Handi Quilter and Hobbs.

In about 2007 I traveled to shoot a show at Bernina in Switzerland. While there we shot a show in the Black Forest at a cuckoo clock factory, designing a quilt shop cuckoo clock in the process. My dream come true! I imported a batch of clocks at that time, then got busy with

Since that first batch, quilters have asked me again and again to import more. I did so last year, running two Kickstarter campaigns. They were both highly successful. I sold over 150 clocks all through personal posts on Facebook!

The Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock has been so successful that I have the factory in Germany designing a birds clock and a barn clock. Who would have thought my crazy dream would turn into a business? Thank goodness I’m not the only one who’s a little cuckoo!



For more information
If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please contact me at or 678.570.7232.

To see what steps you’ll take before and after you join, click How to Become a The Cuckoo Clock Designer Affiliate.

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