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34 thoughts on “Home

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Jere,
      Yours is ready to go out via Priority Mail tomorrow. Thanks for ordering it!
      I place an order several times a year, so when they are gone they’re gone. You happened to get one of the last few. I will be ordering again in a few weeks, so will have more just in time for Christmas.
      Let me know that your clock arrives safely!

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Stephanie,

      I’ve ordered a batch which will be here around Thanksgiving, so I’ll be sending them the first week in December, in time for Christmas. I’m taking pre-orders now. Shipping within the continental US is $16. Go to http://www.thecuckooclockdesigner.com to order one. Click on the banner at the top of that page.
      Thanks for your interest!


    • JOdieRD Post author

      It’s a one-day. An 8-day is $150 more.
      On my to-do list is to let people know what the difference is and offer the option on the site. For some it’s worth the extra money. I have such a crazy life that I have in routine winding them twice per day or invariably it’s more than 24 hours and they bottom out. Eight-day would be a lot easier! Which reminds me, clocks, kitty litter, dehumidifier…


  • Alexis V.

    I just ordered the 8 day cuckoo clock and I could not be any more excited than I am now! I have wanted a cuckoo clock since I was a little girl and have never found the right one and I just came across this in a magazine and I could’t believe how perfect it is! I can’t wait to get it! Any idea when it will ship out???

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Alexis,

      Oh what fun! When I imported the first batch of the Quilt Shop Clocks,I thought I might be the only nut crazy enough to want one. Turns out we’re not alone. It thrills me when people get excited about it!
      I’m hoping it will only be four weeks, but it may be six. Since I just started offering them I had no way to gauge interest. Turns out I undetestimated how many people would want the 8 day. My cuckoo guy is working on it. He changes out the movement and then hangs and runs the clocks to make sure everything is right. So it takes him some time.
      I’ll keep you informed via rmail.
      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!


  • Thomas Hart

    I received the model #70/9HZ one day clock as a gift but it is missing the weights and the pendulum. can you tell me the size of the weights and pendulum and where to get them?

  • Marty

    I just ordered my cuckoo clock and I am so thrilled. When you expect to ship? My order number is # 1123. Thank you so much.
    Marty E

    • JOdieRD Post author

      Hi Marty,

      Oh my goodness your enthusiasm does my heart good! I’m not the only one who is cuckoo enough to think a quilt shop cuckoo clock is a happiness maker!

      Just double-checked gmail and I did send you an email confirming your order yesterday. It worries me that you obviously didn’t get it. I copied and pasted your email address from what you submitted. Oh jeez… the ether effect. I just sent it again, so we’ll see what happens.

      The clock is all ready to go via Priority tomorrow.

      A man called me yesterday and said the clock is even better in person. I’ve heard that numerous times. So I’m thinking I should get professional photos made. Or maybe not. I love that people are even more pleased when they see them!


  • Trish

    Dear Jodie, I love the things you do. I have my great grandmother’s kitchen clock. I have wanted to do something like what you do. If you can help me I would feel privileged. I can send pictures.

  • Rachel Horn

    I have always wanted a cuckoo clock! My mother loved birds and this would be beautifully displayed with her birds. Excited to see who wins this clock!!
    Sincerely, Rachel Horn

  • luci luciano

    hello, i am Luci Luciano, i am 90 years old and would love a coo clock for my bedroom I am bed ridden now.
    I am a Navy vet from the 1950s. i had a similar coo coo clock and lost it during my tour in the military then.
    I love your coo clock. Please let me know how I can get one. my many thanks fro your help.

  • Nancy Hambright

    Jodie, I love my new Quilter Cuckoo Clock. And it came so quickly.
    It has a place of honor in my studio where I spend most of my days sewing for pleasure.

    It is beautiful! – gift from my dear Husband to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary. That makes it even more special.

    Thank you for your creativity and sharing it with all of us.

    I love, LOVE, love it!